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What is Presbyopia?

Ditch those reading glasses once and for all.

Presbyopia is a natural aging of the eye that can happen with age, resulting in your eye’s inability to focus and a need for reading glasses. Presbyopia usually begins around the age of 40 and can sometimes be treated through more traditional solutions like reading glasses, bifocals, or monovision contacts. Advanced solutions such as: monovision LASIK or PresbyLASIK (multifocal LASIK) are available to treat presbyopia.

  • Partners in your health.

    Our experts partner with your primary care provider to monitor your eye health and to make sure you are receiving your annual required eye exams.

  • A strategy that works for you.

    Presbyopia indicators may vary, so we'll work together to establish what's best from suggestions on how to avoid presbyopia to treatment alternatives that are right for you.

Treatment Options

When treating your dry eye, there are options available. The right treatment plan will be customized based on the results of your consultation and these treatment options.

  • KAMRA Inlay

    Our expert surgeons insert a KAMRA inlay into the cornea in a painless, 20-minute procedure. The KAMRA inlay is thinner and smaller than a contact lens, allowing light into the eye to restore near vision.

If you’d like to learn more about presbyopia treatment options, visit the presbyopia treatment page on our parent website.

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