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We offer an extensive ophthalmic surgical network of brands with offices throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New York, and New Jersey. Our centers provide innovative surgical solutions partnered with ophthalmology practices to deliver the best possible outcomes for our patients. OOMC is pleased to provide the highest level of expertise in the ophthalmic treatment space.


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Omni Eye Foundation

The Mission of the Omni Eye Foundation is to improve the quality of life and healthcare equity of patients in the communities we serve who lack the resources and access to needed sight–saving care.

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We’re clearly focused on you.

Clearer vision awaits you.

Our expert surgical team has been treating cataracts here in New Jersey for over 30 years. The team customizes a plan that works for each patient, and uses state of the art technology to treat and remove cataracts, improve vision and enhance quality of life.

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We’re clearly focused on you.

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to treat you.

Glaucoma creates changes in your vision. We offer innovative solutions that can stop the eye disease from progressing and causing long term vision loss.

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We’re clearly focused on you.

Specializing in
Retinal Solutions.

Our experts consult and offer smart solutions to treat the progression of retinal disease. The retina connects what we to see to the brain. When it’s damaged, our vision can become impaired and distorted. The way we see life changes, and the way we experience life changes, too.

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We’re clearly focused on you.

Practice Overview

A Center of Excellence for Eye Care.

For over 30 years, the team at Phillips Eye Specialists has been dedicated to providing every patient with compassionate, quality vision care. We built a community of expert surgeons who dedicate their time to exploring the latest technology and providing patients with the smartest solutions for improving their vision and changing the way they see the future.

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Our Doctors

Our specialty here is you.

Our expert team is committed to putting every patient first. We’re a group of passionate eye care professionals that work collaboratively with patients’ primary eye doctor to develop customized treatment plans.

Each doctor is trained in their specialty, and dedicated to using the latest technology and offering the smartest solutions for every single patient they see.

  • Through our co-care partnerships we can keep our primary focus on every patients specific needs.
  • We support on-going education and personal development for the benefit of ourselves and our patients.
  • We show empathetic care and understanding concerning our patients to make every person feel valued and appreciated.
  • We aim to provide state-of-art treatment with exceptional outcomes for all.

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We make customized plans just for you. Our specialists are trained experts who work with you to provide smart, customized medical vision care solutions. We specialize in cataracts, glaucoma, retinal diseases, corneal diseases, oculoplastics, pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus surgery.

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