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Before visual clarity comes knowledge.

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The journey to 20 / 20 vision is best navigated with extensive research and understanding of your unique situation. Be it your medical history or financial circumstances, every aspect of this life-changing procedure can and should be a positive experience.

Surprises are the joy of life, but let’s leave that for you to experience post-op in ultra-high definition with your own two eyes.


Kremer Eye Center strives to make great vision affordable on any budget. Financing is subject to credit approval. Since eye care expenses can be high, and sometimes unexpected, we maintain relationships with certain financial institutions to help you get the care that you need. Get started by applying today!


ALPHAEON Credit, offered through Comenity Capital Bank, can help you with strong approval rates, superior credit limits, and a wide array of payment plans to fit almost any budget!

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    Our Patients Are Loving Their New vision!

    Amy used to wear glasses all of the time. She was interested in Lasik eye surgery, and her eye doctor recommended Kremer for her procedure. Amy was nervous, but felt comfortable talking to the staff at Kremer who also had the procedure done on them. After her surgery, Amy could see better than she ever!