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What are Oculoplastics?

Our Oculoplastic team uses the least invasive treatments in lid and cosmetic reconstruction.

We help patients through both functional and cosmetic procedures to the eyelids, eye sockets, tear ducts and face. Whether you are suffering from droopy eyelids or just want to get rid of your lines, we’ll protect your eyes, preserve your sight and keep you looking your best, and ultimately living your best life.

  • We listen before we recommend.

    We’re eager to understand your goals, and ready to find a solution that makes you feel and look your very best.

  • We believe in innovation.

    We’re committed to making the most up-to-date technology available to you when you visit Ludwick Eye Center.

Treatment Options

We have state of the art solutions that address your cosmetic needs or help manage medical conditions that are affecting your line of site. Our Oculoplastic Surgeons are experts who can recommend options for treating drooping eyelids, eyelid malposition, eye-related trauma and provide the latest in Botox.

  • Abnormal Eyelashes (Trichiasis)

    When the eyelashes grow toward your eye, they sometimes cause unwanted discomfort. including redness, pain excessive tearing, light sensitivity, blurred vision and foreign body sensation. A treatment plan for trichiasis can range from plucking the eyelashes out to providing solutions based on the origin of the condition, which can range from entropion to post surgery or trauma related issues.

  • Baggy, Sagging Eyelids

    Aging, sun exposure, heredity and the natural pull of gravity can all affect the face. When excess skin and fat show in the eyelid, your eyes can appear droopy and affect your vision. Through a surgical outpatient procedure called a blepharoplasty, we can remove excess skin and puffiness on the lids, restore your vision and help you get back to looking your very best.

  • Botox Solutions

    New lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet can be frustrating signs of aging. From sun exposure to heredity to simply frowning or squinting, sometimes the muscles in our eyes become overworked. Botox is a safe, nonsurgical injection that blocks the impulses from the nerve to the facial muscle, and helps the skin appear smoother and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

  • Brow Lift

    Aging, sun exposure, heredity and the natural pull of gravity can all affect the face, and often the brow and forehead are affected first. The skin loses its elasticity and muscle support, resulting in winkles and increased heaviness around your eyes and brows. A brow lift returns the brows to a more elevated position, softens facial lines and improves the appearance of both the forehead and brow.

  • Drooping Eyelids

    Blepharoptosis is often caused by a loosening of the tendon-like structure that lifts the eyelids, or by congenital malformation, trauma, muscular or neurologic disease. You’re your eyelids droop, they can change your appearance, cause headaches or reduce your field of vision. Through outpatient repair, we adjust the structure that lifts the eyelids, improve your vision and help you look like yourself again.

  • Eyelid Malposition

    Malposition ranges from drooping to the inward (Ectropion ) or outward (Entropion ) turning of the eyelid. It’s often a result of aging, trauma, or eyelid lesions and can cause severe irritation, burning, tearing, and decreased vision. There are two main types of eyelid malposition – these are called ectropion and entropion.

  • Eyelid Cancer

    Sun exposure, heredity, and fair complexion can all cause for skin cancer, even on your eyelids. Skin cancer usually appears as painless bumps or nodules, and often results in bleeding, crusting, distortion, and ulcerations of the skin may also occur. Any suspicious areas should be evaluated immediately.

  • Orbital Fracture

    When trauma occurs to the bone cavity that protects the eye, the orbit can be fractured. Symptoms include pain, swelling, bruising, double vision or numbness to the face. The first step is an orbital CT to determine a need for outpatient surgery.

  • Tearing

    From Dry Eye Syndrome to Eyelid Malposition to Tear Duct Obstructions, there are many reasons why you might be tearing. We’ll work to understand what’s affecting your tears, and recommend a treatment plan ranging from drops to dacryocystorhinostomy, an outpatient procedure that allows your tears to drain more effectively.

If you’d like to learn more about the different types oculoplastic treatment options, visit the oculoplastic treatment page on our parent website.

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