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How to Budget for LASIK

September 16, 2020

How to Budget for LASIK

LASIK can help patients get the outstanding vision they need but cost and affordability tends to be a common concern. Overall, the surgery is an affordable procedure. In fact, the cost of LASIK is less than the long-term cost of contact lenses and eyeglasses. However, there are ways to help you budget better and make the surgery even more affordable.

Here are a few ways to help you budget better for LASIK.

Limit Your Expenses

LASIK is a considerable investment, and a great way to help you budget for it is to reduce unnecessary expenses. Something as simple as making coffee at home or packing your lunch instead of going to a café every day can help you save quite a bit of cash for your LASIK surgery.

If possible, put away any extra income, as well. Whether it’s your tax refund or small monetary gifts collected throughout the year, saving extra income for LASIK can make undergoing the procedure easier on your budget.

Check if Insurance Covers LASIK

When you’re budgeting for LASIK, it’s a good idea of check your insurance policy. LASIK is covered by some insurance companies, like VSP Vision Care. This means you may be able to save more on out-of-pocket costs.

However, coverage details will vary depending on your plan. Check your insurance policy to see if LASIK is covered and how much you could save on your procedure.

Use Your Flexible Savings Account

If your insurance doesn’t offer coverage for LASIK, you can use a Flexible Savings Account. A Flexible Savings Account (FSA) is an account that lets you save pre-tax dollars to help pay for LASIK and other medical procedures not covered under your insurance plan.

Patients can select a specific amount of money to be deducted from their paychecks for an FSA account. You can save up to $2,500 for an FSA. If you do decide to use your account for LASIK, your procedure must be completed within the same calendar year.

Use Your Health Savings Account

Health Savings Accounts can help patients’ budget and save for LASIK, too. A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a tax-exempt trust offered to those with a high deductible health plan (HDHP).

You can contribute a certain amount a year to your account and the funds until you have enough to pay for LASIK. However, one of the best things about an HSA is that the money you save for it will roll over from year to year. This means you’ll be able to continue saving even after your surgery is complete for other medical expenses and even retirement.

Take Advantage of Finance Offers for LASIK

Finally, ask about any available finance offers for LASIK. Special finance offers and discounts are some of the easiest and most beneficial ways to help make LASIK—and getting the crystal-clear vision you need—more affordable.

Here at Corneal Associates, we are currently offering 0% special financing for up to 48 months through 12/31/2020. If you qualify for our special financing offer, you’ll pay no interest on monthly payments if the entire cost of the LASIK procedure is paid in full within 48 months.

LASIK is more affordable than you may think, especially with these helpful tips. For more information about the cost of LASIK and available finance offers, contact Corneal Associates, or schedule a consultation.


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