Meet Kremer’s Rebecca Bausell, M.D.

September 15, 2020

Whether you’re suffering from cataracts or want to correct refractive errors in your vision, the professional team at Kremer Eye Center will be more than happy to help. From our receptionists to our surgeons, each person on staff will work to make sure you get the vision correction solution you need.

In this Employee Highlight, we sit down with Rebecca Bausell, M.D. to discuss how she helps her patients with their eye health. Dr. Bausell is a board-certified ophthalmologist and has been providing advanced refractive surgery, cornea and cataract treatments at Kremer to those in the Greater Philadelphia area since she joined the team in 2020.

To learn more about Dr. Bausell and the innovative treatments she can perform, read our sit-down interview with her below.

What made you want to join the Kremer family?

RB: Kremer is consistently at the forefront of technology for vision correction and is one of the very best places to receive eye care. We have all the latest technology at our fingertips, which allows us to offer patients a variety of innovative services. In addition, the doctors and staff are fantastic, and the working environment is friendly and collaborative.

Why did you decide to pursue a career in Ophthalmology? 

RB: The eye is fascinating. Through our exam, we can visualize ocular pathology as well as systemic disease. In addition, we have advanced technologies to improve patients’ vision through cataract surgery, laser-assisted cataract surgery and refractive surgery. There is nothing more satisfying than helping our patients see better.

What advice do you have for patients considering LASIK or other vision correction procedures? 

RB: Think about your goals with respect to refractive surgery. For example, most patients choose full distance correction, however we can also provide monovision correction. Consider the various refractive services we can offer you (LASIK, PRK, Visian ICL, and Refractive Lens Exchange) and start thinking about what questions you have. At your visit, we will determine which procedure best fits your needs and answer all your questions.

How do you think the industry has advanced since you started and where do you see it going in the future?

RB: I am fortunate to have trained on the latest technology, however I think the future will bring us even more exciting advancements in minimally invasive cataract and refractive surgery.

Finally, what do you like to do when you’re not at the office?

RB: I love being in or near the water. During the summer I love spending time at the pool or beach with my family. I also love to cook; Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines are some of my favorites.

Whether you need cornea treatments, cataract surgery or are interested in correcting your vision through refractive surgery, Dr. Bausell and the entire team at Kremer Eye Center will work with you to make sure you see as clearly as possible.

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