LASIK Eye Surgery Cost in PA, DE, AND NJ

September 21, 2019

Even with the procedure’s vision correction benefits, cost is still one of the biggest concerns for many considering LASIK eye surgery. However, we’ve calculated the cost of LASIK, and it’s not as expensive as many people think.

Compared to what you would normally spend on contacts, glasses, and other vision products, LASIK is a more cost-effective solution.

So, how affordable is LASIK and exactly how much does it cost?


The average cost of LASIK eye surgery is about $2,000 to $6,000 for both eyes depending on where you live, who is performing the procedure, and the technologies used. These numbers may look intimidating, but think about the cost of LASIK and compare it to the average annual cost of contacts and glasses.

On average, people will spend about $1,000 on glasses and contacts in one year depending on their specific prescription. So, in about 20 years, you could spend close to $20,000 on contacts and glasses alone. Plus, this number doesn’t include the cost of annual eye exams, contact solution, and other additional eye care expenses.

The cost of LASIK, on the other hand, will include the procedure, pre-surgery evaluations, and post-surgery exams. Also keep in mind that LASIK is a one-time expense. That means you will actually save money with LASIK because you won’t need to buy contacts or glasses every year once you have the procedure.


If you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or a Health Savings Account (HSA), you can use them to pay for LASIK. If your FSA or HSA does not cover the full cost of the procedure, Kremer Eye Center offers special 0% interest financing options for qualified candidates.

On top of that, you will receive our Lifetime Commitment when you get LASIK at Kremer Eye Center. If you need an enhancement any time after receiving LASIK to maintain crystal-clear vision, qualified patients can have the enhancement surgery performed at no charge under Kremer’s lifetime commitment.


So, is LASIK an affordable option for your specific lifestyle? In general, LASIK provides patients with many financial benefits and can even help you save thousands of dollars. LASIK is the best affordable option for anyone looking for a cost-effective vision correction solution.

To see exactly how much you can save on eye care costs with LASIK, check out our LASIK Affordability Calculator.

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