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Pay that Matches your Ambitions

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The OOMC family is committed to helping our surgeons surpass their compensation goals through our physician-centric approach. Our ophthalmologists concentrate on the advanced sub-specialty patient care they are trained to do. Our support staff of optometrists, ophthalmic technicians, medical scribes, surgical schedulers, and patient advocates alleviate many of day-to-day patient care tasks by collaboratively working up patients, entering EHR documentation, and managing clinic flow. Our practice administration team is comprised of experienced experts in marketing, sales, billing, coding, accounting, finance, IT, HR, compliance, business intelligence and analytics. With our robust team, our surgeons can focus on providing excellent patient care and receive the highly rewarding compensation that matches their ambitions.

  • Our physicians exceed the average ophthalmologists’ compensation two years after joining
  • Over 500 employees supporting clinical activities and practice administration
  • A full schedule of appointments with a focus in your sub-specialty
  • In-house optometrist support optimizes our surgeons’ schedules
  • Multiple practice locations for better access to patients
  • No routine eye exams



A major factor in our surgeons’ success is our in-house marketing team and time-tested strategies for
promoting their services. Over 35 years of continuous growth, we cultivate and maintain an extensive optometric referral network of 1000s of community based optometrists. Our vision of a cooperative and respectful relationship between optometry and ophthalmology is a founding principle and continues to be a hallmark
of our practice

  • Regional Relationship Directors regularly meet our referral network to promote our surgeons
  • OOMC education webinars and symposiums promote our ophthalmologists to referring optometrists
  • Ongoing social media, digital, reputation management and traditional advertising initiatives


Maintain a Balanced Lifestyle

At OOMC, we understand how to make our ophthalmologists’ day more rewarding: more time treating patients with a clinical focus in their sub-specialty. Our clinical support staff reduce the stress and burden on our surgeons so they can maintain a normal schedule. Together with our collegial culture, our physicians enjoy coming to the practice.

  • Favorable call schedule with our large team of surgeons and medically trained optometrists
  • Manageable patient workloads so our ophthalmologists don’t bring charting home
  • Strong clinical support from certified ophthalmic technicians and medical scribe
  • Non-clinical tasks are delegated to our practice management team
  • Physician retention of 93%
  • 11 surgeons with over 20 years of tenure

From Our Physicians

Aaron Cohn, MD

After being in practice for five years, I began searching for a larger group with more practice administration support and a different mix of patient cases. I decided to join Kremer because of their stellar clinical reputation and physician-centric culture. I enjoy coming to the practice and can focus my time on patients. I have a wonderful balance of medical and surgical cases and a great mix of glaucoma
and cataract patients.

- Aaron Cohn, MD, Glaucoma & Cataract Surgeon at Kremer Eye Center, joined in 2016

Douglas Grayson, MD

“At Omni I work with clinically exceptional optometrists who I trust. They enable me to safely
see more patients and perform more procedures than the vast majority of surgeons. Also,
the marketing team manages my online presence, visits optometry practices on my behalf,
and sponsors very large education symposiums for my referring physicians. My speaking
engagements have hundreds of ODs in the audience. Every physician here is supported to
reach their full potential.

- Douglas Grayson, MD, Cataract & Glaucoma Surgeon at Omni Eye Services, joined in 1995

Ketki Soin, MD

The collegiality at Kremer is wonderful! The physicians are very supportive, and I have never
been pressured to do something I’m not comfortable with. There is a wealth of knowledge and
experience in the team, and they helped me relearn old procedures after joining.

- Ketki Soin, MD, Corneal & Cataract Surgeon at Kremer Eye Center, joined in 2018

Michael Aronsky, MD

I have been with Kremer for over two decades and have seen only one surgeon leave. That is
a testament to our culture. We have a team oriented, physician focused, and patient centric
practice with a reputation for excellent outcomes and leading innovation. Our physicians are
supported in all aspects of practice management and have access to the best technology.

- Michael Aronsky, MD, Corneal & Cataract Surgeon at Kremer Eye Center, joined in 1998

Jacqueline Gabay, MD

My life in the office is my second home away from home. Working with great staff every week,
some that I’ve known for 5 or 10 years, is like working with family. We share little bits of our lives
and become closer, making us more of a team each year. We attack the problems of the day
together. When you are lucky enough to have a strong support system, it is easier to handle
many of the difficult patient issues that we face. I wouldn’t trade that in for anything.

- Jacqueline Gabay, MD, Glaucoma Surgeon at Phillips Eye Center, joined in 2000


OOMC has 25 practice locations across New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland. Our locations include offices in and around New York City and Philadelphia and 75 minutes from Washington, DC and Baltimore

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