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How we partner with new practices

OOMC shoulders the managerial and administrative challenges in clinical practices and ambulatory surgical centers based on the unique strengths and needs of each partner.

At OOMC, we work with you to support and strengthen the operational and administrative capabilities needed in today’s modern medical practice. Affording you the time and resources to provide the highest levels of medical and surgical care to ensure optimal patient outcomes. We look to you to help us expand our practice footprint, and the reach of our respected and proven co-management model.

Benefits of Partnership

  • Human Resources

    We provide the support and expertise to ensure a smooth transition for your employees—including on-boarding, training, staffing, retention, benefits, compensation, policies, and more.

  • Finance and Accounting

    Our accrual accounting, vendor & supply management, and analytical support let you focus on what matters most: caring for your patients and increasing the efficiency of your practice.

  • Revenue Cycle Management

    Get paid faster and on time with our payer services that maximize provider reimbursements and minimize the wait.

  • Information Technology

    HIPAA compliant technology platform allows you to scale hardware and software to adapt to your growing practice.

  • Marketing Development

    A combination of marketing, sales, and social media strategies work together to expand your customer base and help grow your practice.

  • Compliance

    We pledge to continue our long tradition of providing quality healthcare and conducting business in full accordance with the law and business ethics.

  • Customer Care

    Our focus is always on the patient—from consultation through post-op—we deliver life-changing results both you and your patients are looking for.

  • Clinical Support

    Streamlining the patient process, increasing MIPS compliance, and expanding training for ophthalmic techs and scribes, helps boost revenue and overall patient satisfaction.

Let’s talk more about how our affiliation opportunities can benefit, boost and enhance your practice.

George Simmons
Director of Strategy & Business Development

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