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Vendors and Contractors

OOMC has a long and proud history of providing quality healthcare services and conducting business in full compliance with the letter and spirit of all applicable laws and in accordance with the highest ethical standards. Our commitment to providing quality health care in a legal and ethical environment has been a fundamental part of our tradition and continues to set the standard of how we do business. The Board of Directors has adopted a corporate compliance program to ensure that this commitment is upheld. The OOMC Vendor Code of Conduct, the cornerstone of the compliance program, translates that commitment into a written statement of standards of behavior for all vendors and independent contractors who act on our behalf.

Relationships with vendors. subcontractors and suppliers are handled in a fair and reasonable manner, consistent with all applicable laws and good business practices. Vendors, subcontractors and suppliers are selected on the basis of objective criteria, including standards of quality, service, price, delivery capability and technical excellence. OOMC actively pursues competitive bidding through available resources including national group purchasing affiliations, regional and local alliances. All purchasing decisions are based on price and the supplier’s abilities to meet our needs. Under no circumstances are decisions based on personal relationships, whether the relationship involves the employee, an officer or director of OOMC, a family member, or a friend. We employ the highest ethical standards in business practices in source selection. negotiation, determination of contract awards and the administration of all purchasing activities. OOMC does not knowingly enter into contracts or do business with vendors convicted of a criminal offense related to health care or have been excluded from or are otherwise ineligible to participate, in federal or state healthcare programs.

OOMC does business with only those vendors, subcontractors and suppliers that comply with applicable laws and whose business conduct is consistent with our Code of Conduct and compliance program. In accordance with the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005, OOMC is committed to educating vendors and contractors about its compliance program and policies. A complete copy of the Vendor Code Conduct and relevant documents is available below. Questions regarding any aspect of the compliance program or policies should be directed to the Compliance Office at 732-510-2588 or

If you are interested in contracting opportunities with OOMC, please contact our contracting department at

Vendor Code Conduct
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For more information or questions regarding Compliance & Risk, please contact:

Regina F. Gurvich, MBA, CHC
Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer
Phone: 732-510-2588

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