Halloween Eye Safety Tips

October 04, 2022


Halloween is a favorite holiday for many and something our children look forward to each year. However, every year hospital emergency rooms see hundreds of eye injuries related to costumes. There are ways to enjoy Halloween and avoid potential eye injuries.

Read on to learn some tips on keeping your kids safe this Halloween.

Tip 1: Avoid Costumes That Could Block Vision

It is always fun to add a ton of Halloween accessories such as masks, eye patches or wigs, but make sure these items do not block your visibility. Masks can be dangerous for children because they can block side vision. Try face painting or make-up instead of a mask.

Tip 2: Avoid Sharp Props

Most costumes are not complete without a prop! Often times these include wands, swords or sticks. Still, it’s important to be cautious of what you allow your child to carry throughout the night. Using sharp objects increases the risk of not only endangering your children’s eyes, but the eyes of other children as well.

Tip 3: Use Make-Up Safely

Make-up is an easy and fun way to finalize a costume. If you plan on using make-up for your children’s costume, be sure to use hypo-allergenic options and keep it away from the eyes. Keep a wet towel or washcloth handy in case the make-up begins to run while out trick-or-treating.

Tip 4: Stay Away from Decorative Contact Lenses Unless Prescribed

A new fad is completing Halloween costumes with decorative colored cosmetic contact lenses. It is important to remember that contacts are medically prescribed from a doctor. Using over-the-counter lenses could be extremely unsafe and lead to an eye infection or even vision loss. Reach out to your eye doctor if you are considering decorative contact lenses this Halloween.

Tip 5: Wear Reflective Costumes

Most likely, the costume your child selects will not be made of reflective material. An easy fix is to sew on a few fabric strips or add stick-on strips of reflective tape to all sides of the costume. Since your child will be trick-or-treating in the dark, you want them to be seen especially while crossing the street.

Tip 6: Carry a Flashlight

Always have a small flashlight on hand. This will be helpful if your child is walking through dark paths or walkways. This will avoid any potential injury while walking through the grass so you can identify holes or missing steps.

We hope these tips keep you safe during your Halloween adventures!


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