How You Can Prevent Corneal Abrasions

March 08, 2024


Are you experiencing eye pain, blurred vision, or feel like there is something in your eye? You may have a corneal abrasion. These common eye injuries can be uncomfortable and lead to an eye infection without treatment.

The eye experts at OOMC have put together this page to help you learn how to prevent corneal abrasions in your everyday life. Read on to learn more about corneal abrasion prevention!

What is a Corneal Abrasion?

man getting eye examA corneal abrasion is a scratch on the surface of your cornea, the clear covering of your eye. You may sometimes hear a corneal abrasion referred to as a scratched eye.

When you have a corneal abrasion, your eye may be red, watery, or painful, and it often feels as if something is stuck in your eye. Blurry or hazy vision, as well as sensitivity to light, can accompany a corneal abrasion.

How to Prevent Corneal Abrasions

There are several ways to reduce the chance of corneal abrasions in your day-to-day life.

Keep Your Hands Away from Your Eyes

Keeping your hands and fingers away from your eyes can be one of the best ways to avoid corneal abrasions. If something gets into your eye, rinse it with saline or water. Do not rub your eye.

Wash your hands often to keep them clean, and keep your nails clipped short in the event you do touch your eye. This can prevent your nails or dirt from getting into your eye.

If you wear makeup, pay close attention to where the makeup is going to ensure it doesn’t end up in your eye.

Wear Eye Protection

Eye protection can be essential to keeping your eyes safe from all kinds of damage when:

  • Working with chemicals
  • Using machinery like sanders, grinders, drills, and welding equipment
  • Doing repair work such as carpentry
  • Doing yard work
  • Playing contact sports with balls or pucks

Depending on the activity you’re doing, goggles or safety glasses can protect your eyes. Your doctor can recommend the right protective eyewear for activities if you’re unsure what is best.

Preventing Corneal Abrasions While Wearing Contact Lenses

woman putting in contact lensesWhen you wear contact lenses, there is a small risk of corneal abrasion. You can prevent this by using your contacts as directed. Clean and disinfect your lenses before and after use. Do not wear your contact lenses longer than recommended, and do not wear your contacts when your eyes are dry. Lubricating eyedrops may help your eyes stay wet enough to wear contacts more comfortably.

Be gentle when getting your contacts in or out of your eyes. Aggressive movement can lead to corneal abrasions and discomfort. If you are struggling to get your contacts in, stop and try again another day. That may be a day better suited for glasses.

Consult Your Eye Doctor If You Think You Have a Corneal Abrasion

If you believe that one of your eyes has a corneal abrasion, your eye doctor can provide treatment and relief. Schedule an appointment at your local OOMC office. We will do our best to treat your discomfort and ensure your eyes are well taken care of.


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