Parents’ Guide To Finding the Best Pediatric Eye Doctor for Your Child

May 09, 2023


Whether you’ve noticed some changes to the way your child is seeing or you’re interested in preventive eye care, the search for a pediatric eye doctor is important.

A guide to beginning this search can help make the process easier. That’s why OOMC has put together this guide. You’ll learn who to consult and other important factors to consider when finding eye care for your child.

Seek Out Recommendations

Getting RecommendationsRecommendations are an excellent way to learn about pediatric eye doctors in your area. You can receive recommendations from your current physician, who may have a practice they regularly refer patients to.

OOMC works with many providers, allowing us to receive patients and consult them on the right treatments for their children. This collaborative process provides a more personal approach to medicine.

Friends can also provide you with recommendations based on their child’s experience. If a parent appreciated how a doctor spoke with their child and performed an exam, that might give you an insight into how a doctor may be, with your child.

Check if the Practice Takes Your Vision Insurance

Vision insurance is an option for some families based on health care, from jobs or the marketplace.

Insurance providers often have a list of facilities and doctors that’re covered by the plan. Seeing a doctor that’s in-network for your vision insurance saves you money.

Ask About What’s Expected During a Child’s Eye Exam

Child eye examWhen contacting an optometrist’s office, ask what happens during a child’s eye exam or what to expect during a first appointment.

This information can help you determine what you’ll need to bring with you, when to schedule, and open the lines of communication.

Learn More About the Pediatric Optometrists at a Practice You’re Interested In

When you’ve found a practice you’re interested in—either through a recommendation from your current doctor, a friend, or the internet—finding out more about them can help you determine if they’re the right fit.

OOMC has information on all 74 doctors across our practices on our website. You can search by specialty and see which doctors can care for your child.

Discover what research they do, where they studied, and even where they’ve been published.

While you’re at your appointment, or after, consider if the doctor explained things in a way you, and your child, could understand. Additionally, consider if you had a chance to ask all your questions.

Schedule an Appointment to Discuss Your Child’s Eye Care

If you’re interested in meeting with a provider at a local OOMC practice to discuss your child’s eye care, book an appointment. We look forward to working with you and your child to address their vision needs.

Contact us to schedule your consultation, today.

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