3 Reasons To Consider Intraocular Light Adjustable Lenses (LAL)

October 12, 2023


Artificial intraocular lenses have become standard practice when treating cataracts. The natural lens, clouded by cataracts, is removed and replaced with an artificial one. This helps reverse the effects of cataracts, improving vision.

OOMC offers several intraocular lens options, including intraocular light adjustable lenses.

What Is an Intraocular Light Adjustable Lens?

OphthalmologistA light adjustable lens (LAL) is an artificial intraocular lens that allows for adjustments customized to your specific vision needs.

LALs are adjusted via ultraviolet light a few weeks after your initial procedure. The outcome of an LAL procedure helps you see better and reduce your dependence on corrective lenses.

LALs often take around three adjustments, although your eyes may require fewer or more. Your care team will determine the best customized light treatment for your eyes.

After completing your LAL adjustments, you’ll receive two final lock-in treatments, stopping your LALs from changing further.

Reasons To Consider Intraocular Light Adjustable Lenses

Intraocular light adjustable lenses have several benefits, including simplifying preoperative decisions for patients and optometrists and letting your eye doctor provide personalized vision changes.

Plus, these lenses require only short intervals between the initial procedure and ultraviolet light adjustments.

Simplifies Preoperative Decisions

ophthalmologistUsing LALs allows ophthalmologists to simplify preoperative decisions. This is such, as most vision customization happens after the initial procedure is complete.

This lens can also minimize potential errors in the calculation when preparing to correct vision, as primary vision correction happens after surgery—during the ultraviolet light sessions.

Provides Personalized Vision Changes

Every eye is a little different. LALs allow for customized adjustments. Patients can use a trial-and-error method to experience various lens powers and determine which works best for their eyes.

Requires Only Short Interval Between Initial Procedure and Adjustments

The interval between the initial procedure that implants the LALs and adjustments is quite short—only about three weeks.

Other procedures, like PRK and LASIK, may require a wait of three months before any laser-assisted adjustments are possible.

This quicker option allows you to return to your daily life more promptly and with clearer vision.

Hear From an OOMC Patient

An OOMC patient had this to say about her light adjustable lens procedure:

“I just had my first light adjustable lens (LAL) surgery for cataracts on one eye. I cannot express the excitement I felt seeing immediately. Dr. Neil Farbman, MD, is fantastic. I cannot give enough praise to all of the staff at the eye surgery center.

Upon entering the eye surgery center, you are greeted with a smile and a very courteous demeanor from the patient advocates. Being taken to the back for surgery, the nurses were all very friendly and very proficient. My experience there was 5-star.

I am thankful that all of the staff care so much for all of their patients, from a nurse passing by wrapping me in a warm blanket to everyone asking how I was doing every step of the way. Thank you!! Thank you!! Well done!!”

Learn More About Intraocular Light Adjustable Lenses Today

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You’ll have an appointment, with one of our eye experts to discuss your options and determine if intraocular light adjustable lenses are right for you.

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