What’s the Difference Between LASIK and LasikPlus?

May 09, 2023


Have you been considering life without glasses or contacts? One option is LASIK. If you’ve been searching for eye centers that perform LASIK procedures, you may have come across the terms “LASIK” and “LasikPlus.”

OOMC is here to explain the differences between LASIK and LasikPlus, to help patients better understand their options and find the eye center that’s right for them.

How Are LASIK and LasikPlus Different?

LASIK costLASIK is a type of refractive surgery that helps you see more clearly, without the aid of glasses or contacts. The goal is to create long-lasting results for those with myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism.

LasikPlus is an eye center that performs LASIK, not a type of LASIK procedure. Like other eye centers that perform LASIK, including OOMC’s practices, LasikPlus does a consultation to determine if you’re a candidate for a LASIK procedure.

What’s Involved in a LASIK Procedure?

Eye consultationLASIK is a quick procedure that often takes about 10 minutes, although you’ll likely be at an eye center for an hour or two.

It begins with a consultation and eye examination to determine if a patient is a good candidate for LASIK surgery.

If you’re a good candidate and move forward with the procedure, you’ll receive an oral sedative, if needed, and eye drops on the day of a LASIK procedure.

A laser will create a LASIK flap, which allows your doctor to reshape the cornea for clearer vision.

Then, the flap will be resealed and the surgery will be complete. You’ll be required to wear goggles for a few hours after surgery to prevent any potential eye damage. Along with goggles, post-op eye drops are required.

You’ll additionally require follow-up appointments after your LASIK procedure in order to ensure your eyes are healing properly.

OOMC can co-manage your care with your primary care optometrist to provide personalized treatment.

Technology Used During a LASIK Procedure

LasikDuring the consultation, OOMC will perform advanced testing and create a 3D map of your eye, using iDESIGN® technology and WaveFront-guided diagnostics.

This provides us with custom measurements and a clearer view of your eyes’ visual pathways. Our doctors can also see any imperfections we need to target during surgery.

OOMC providers use the iFS Advanced Bladeless Laser. This laser creates a micro-thin LASIK flap, with the exact diameter, depth, hinge location, and shape needed for your specific treatment in a few seconds.

We then use a precise, cool-beam Star S4 IR Laser with Activetrak Technology to deliver your personalized treatment.

Find Out if You’re a Good Candidate for LASIK

If you’re interested in a collaborative and personalized approach to LASIK, consider an OOMC practice for your procedure.

You can find out if you’re a good candidate for LASIK by taking our online LASIK quiz and scheduling a consultation, with one of our providers. We’ll work with you and your current doctor to determine the best approach for your eye care.

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