Guide: How To Choose the Best Wilmington Eye Center for Your Next Visit

May 05, 2023


The right eye center can make a big difference when you need eye care around Wilmington. Are you unsure of where to start when searching for an eye center? You’ve come to the right place.

OOMC has put together this guide to help patients find the best Wilmington eye center for their needs. Below, we break down some ways to find the care you need. Try some or use them all!

If You Have Vision Insurance

Health InsuranceWhile vision is often not covered under traditional health insurance, if you do have vision insurance, it can help you find an eye doctor.

Many vision insurance providers have a directory of eye centers and doctors covered under their insurance plan.

Once you’ve found a directory of eye centers covered by your insurance, you may have the opportunity to read reviews online. These reviews can give you a sense of other patients’ experiences.

Seek Out Family or Friend Recommendations

Do you have a family member or friend whose recommendations you really trust? Ask them about Wilmington eye centers they may have visited.

They can provide information on an eye center they’ve visited, their experiences there, and even doctors they loved.

When asking a friend or family member for a recommendation, it can help to ask what questions they wished they’d asked during their appointments or treatment. You can bring these questions with you to your first appointment.

Ask Your Regular Eye Doctor

eye doctor reccomendationsIf you require more complex eye care, your regular eye doctor may be able to help. They may have an eye center around Wilmington to refer you to or even a specific doctor in mind.

OOMC’s facilities around Wilmington work collaboratively, with your regular eye doctor to create a treatment plan unique to you. Your current doctor remains knowledgeable about your care, so there’s a seamless transition when you return to them.

Learn More About an Eye Center’s Doctors

When you’ve selected one or two eye centers that seem to meet your needs, learn more about the doctors at those centers.

You can also reach out to the eye center to confirm they have doctors on staff who are currently taking new patients and can address your needs.

Some Wilmington eye centers, like OOMC practices, have information on the doctors at their facilities online. You can explore the doctors at each facility and learn more about their credentials and specialties.

Schedule a Consultation

eye doctor consultationIf you’ve found an eye center that seems like a good match, schedule an appointment. This initial appointment can help you determine if the eye center is a good fit for you.

Bring any questions about the facility, the doctor, and your condition. This first appointment doesn’t lock you in with a provider. Consider this an opportunity to research your eye center options further.

If you like the eye center you visit and the doctor you meet with, your search is done!

Find Your Next Wilmington Eye Center Today

If you’re ready to search for your next eye center, use the tips above. Many OOMC eye centers around Wilmington offer a variety of specialties, including corneal disease, diabetic retinopathy, dry eye, and refractive eye surgeries (Wilmington location only).

Contact us to schedule a consultation, today.

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