5 Questions to Ask When Looking for Family Eye Care

May 09, 2023


Finding the right health care for your family is important. The right vision care can provide your family with clearer sight and address any other important eye issues your family has.When considering what providers are right for your family’s specialty eye care, it can help to come prepared, with a few questions.

The providers at OOMC have put together a few questions to help you get started and find the right eye care for your family.

What Vision Insurance Do You Take?

Health InsuranceWhile not required for eye care, vision insurance is sometimes available through an employer or on the marketplace. Vision insurance can help make eye care more affordable.

When considering a practice for your family’s eye care, be sure to ask what vision insurance they take. Going to a practice outside your network can lead to higher costs, rather than savings.

What Services Are Available at Your Practice?

Does your family have specific eye care needs? Ask about them! If you or someone in your family is considering a procedure, like LASIK, it helps to know if the practice can provide that service and any required follow-up.

Your primary eye care doctor can provide post-up care following a procedure done at OOMC. Our surgeons will work closely with your doctor to ensure you’re getting the treatment and care you need.

What Credentials or Technologies Does the Practice Use?

man getting eye examEveryone wants the best for their family. This may mean the doctors you’re considering seeing are at the top of their field or using the best technologies.

Asking about a practice’s capabilities can tell you if they’re equipped to care for your family’s eye needs.

How Often Do You Recommend Eye Exams for My Family and Me?

Eye care is health care. Like other types of health care, your family will likely need routine eye exams. This is so your optometrist can note any potential changes to your eyes or vision.

Your next doctor should be able to recommend how often your family receives eye exams or other services. This gives you an overall picture of what long-term eye care can look like at the practice.

What Tests May Be Performed During Visits?

eye doctor recomandationsThe answer to this question may change depending on the visit you or your family member needs.

On average, however, asking this question can help you plan visit times, follow-ups, and even who drives to an appointment.

For example, if your eyes need to be dilated for every other exam, bringing a second driver may help.

Knowing this information lets you plan in advance, whether you need to schedule appointments for the whole family on one day or prepare for any copays that may need to be paid at your visit.


Schedule an Appointment to Determine if OOMC Providers Are Right for Your Family’s Specialty Eye Care

If you’re searching for specialty eye care, explore the OOMC practices in your area. You can search for the closest OOMC office by entering your zip code on the “Our Locations” page on our website.

From here, you can schedule an appointment to determine if one of our providers fits your family’s eye needs, from LASIK to glaucoma.

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