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June 18, 2024


When you need oculoplastic surgery near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, you want the best. A great oculoplastic surgical center can help you achieve a cosmetic goal or reconstruct a vital eye function.

Kremer Eye Center oculoplastic surgical centers are some of the best around Philadelphia. Explore what makes Kremer Eye Center practice some of the best below.

Oculoplastic Surgical Teams Who Value Collaboration and Innovation

Our oculoplastic surgical teams prioritize patient care and innovation. Central to patient care is a collaboration among our own team, with our patients, and with our patient’s initial provider. Working with our patients is one of the core aspects of care at Kremer Eye Center practices. We want our patients to feel like they have a say in their eye care, especially when undergoing reconstructive or cosmetic eye surgery.

We partner with providers to keep them updated on treatment plans, surgical aftercare instructions, and other information they may need in order to provide you with the best healthcare possible.

Our oculoplastic surgical team, Jaclyn Gurwin, MD, and Paul Johnson, MD, strive to grow in their knowledge and techniques. We use state-of-the-art equipment to promote the best patient outcomes possible, both in terms of eye health and aesthetics.

Oculoplastic Surgical Procedures

Our oculoplastic surgical centers specialize in a number of cosmetic and reconstructive surgical procedures that focus on the eye and the surrounding areas, including eyelids, tear ducts, and the orbit. We will do our best to protect your eyes, preserve your eyesight, and give you the best cosmetic outcome.

Drooping Eyelids

Drooping eyelids, or blepharoptosis, can change your appearance and cause headaches or reduce your vision. An outpatient surgical procedure can lift the eyelids to improve your vision and restore your appearance.

Abnormal Eyelashes

Abnormal eyelids, trichiasis, are eyelashes that grow towards your eye, causing discomfort, pain, and excessive tearing. Surgical solutions for this condition may include addressing the cause of the condition, such as past eye trauma or entropion.


Excessive tearing of the eye can cause discomfort and indicates that there may be a problem with tears draining from your eyes. An outpatient procedure called dacryocystorhinostomy can aid tears in draining more effectively.

Eyelid Malposition

The position of your eyelid can change how it looks, from a droop to the turn of an eyelid inward or outward. This can lead to decreased vision and eyelid lesions. A surgical procedure can correct the malposition, increase your field of vision, and enhance your eye’s cosmetic appearance.

Orbital Fracture

If there is trauma to the region of the eye, this can result in fractures to the bone. Outpatient surgery may be needed to correct the trauma and protect your vision.

Eyelid Cancer

Eyelid cancer is a type of skin cancer that can result in bumps or nodules on the eyelid. These can be removed in order to prevent cancer from spreading and reduce discomfort.

Baggy/Sagging Eyelids

Excess skin or fat can appear in your eyelids and make your eyes appear to be dropping or sagging. A blepharoplasty can remove that excess skin to restore vision and return your eyes to how they looked previously.

Oculoplastic Cosmetic Procedures

Oculoplastic cosmetic procedures can help you look and feel your best. Our oculoplastic surgeons will use Botox, dermal fillers, and surgical procedures to achieve your desired cosmetic outcome.

Brow Lift

Brow/forehead skin can lose elasticity as it ages, producing wrinkles. If you’re interested in removing wrinkles, a brow lift can reduce facial lines and improve the appearance of your forehead.

Botox and Dermal Fillers

Botox and dermal fillers can help reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging across the face, including by the eyes.

Botox is most commonly used to reduce lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. It is a non-surgical injection that locks the impulses from the nerve to the facial muscles, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and keeping skin smooth.

Dermal Fillers can help rejuvenate the face when the skin is stretched or loses natural fat, which is common during ages or with excessive sun exposure. Fillers are frequently used to plump lips, lighten scars, remove lower eyelid shadows, contour facial deformities, and soften facial creases.

Find a Top Oculoplastic Surgery Center in Philadelphia

At Kremer Eye Center, we have two oculoplastic surgical centers near Philadelphia, one in King of Prussia, PA, and one in Cherry Hill, NJ. We also have a satellite location where we can perform minor procedures in Philadelphia, PA.

Philadelphia Office Location

1800 JFK Boulevard
Suite 902
Philadelphia, PA, 19103
(866) 742-1884

King of Prussia Office Location

1018 W 9th Avenue
Suite 100
King of Prussia, PA, 1940
(866) 407-1852

Cherry Hill Office Location

1820 Chapel Avenue West
Cherry Hill, NJ, 08002
(888) 376-2133

Schedule Oculoplastic Surgery At A Kremer Eye Center Practice near Philadelphia

If your eye doctor has recommended oculoplastic surgery, schedule a consultation at a Philadelphia, PA-based Kremer Eye Center practice. Our team will work with your provider to ensure that you get the care you need. Contact your local Kremer Eye Center oculoplastic surgical center today.

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