Donating Your Old Glasses After Corrective Eye Surgery

December 31, 2019


The results you get from corrective eye surgery are quite impressive. In as early as the day after your surgery, you’ll be able to see clearly without needing to wear eyeglasses. However, what should you do with your old glasses?


You may not need them after your vision correction procedure, but that does not mean you should throw them out. When you’re ready to get rid of your eyeglasses, donate them instead.


Why You Should Donate Your Old Eyeglasses

After your corrective eye surgery, you’ll be able to see clearly without any help from glasses. However, there are still people in the world who are suffering from poor eyesight. In fact, there are millions across the world with little to no access to the eyeglasses and eye care they need for clear vision.


Without these necessary resources, everyday life can be a struggle. For adults, lack of proper eye care makes it more difficult to keep jobs and care for families. Children may also have a harder time learning in school without the glasses they need to read and see the board.


Fortunately, there are things that you can do to provide those in need with the eye care they require and deserve. One of the easiest ways to give back is to donate your glasses after your LASIK or corrective eye surgery to an organization like Lions Club International. This organization offers programs that collect used glasses and distribute them to the people that need them most.

How To Donate Glasses After Corrective Eye Surgery

If you’re interested in donating your eyeglasses after corrective eye surgery, simply drop off your old glasses at a Lions-sponsored collection box in the area, or ship them to the nearest Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center. The program accepts prescription lenses, reading glasses, and prescription sunglasses with plastic and metal frames.


When volunteers collect the donations and deliver them to a recycling center, the glasses are cleaned and sorted by prescription. From there, the organization will send them to those in low- and middle-income communities. With eyeglasses to improve their vision, they’ll be able to not only see clearly, but also enhance the overall quality of their everyday lives.


You’ll experience clear eyesight after your vision correction procedure, but your old glasses can still benefit a person in need. So, don’t throw them in the trash when your vision is corrected. Instead, donate them and do your part to help someone who is without access to proper eye care.

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