Why Now is the Time to Look Into LASIK

October 16, 2020


LASIK eye surgery can be a life-changing experience for anyone. The sooner you decide to get it, the longer you’ll be able to enjoy crystal-clear vision and life without contact lenses and glasses. So, when is the best time to look into LASIK?

If you’re a good candidate for the procedure and are ready to experience life with clearer vision, now is the best time to consider LASIK. Here are a few reasons why.

Ditch the Foggy Glasses

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, several states across the country have now mandated the use of face masks to prevent the spread of coronavirus. In addition to wearing a mask, we are also encouraged to avoid touching our face and eyes, leading to a serious struggle for those required to wear contact lenses or prescription glasses. Glasses wearers have really been affected by now dealing with an unexpected side effect: foggy glasses all…the…time!

The quickest and best solution is to remove your glasses completely through vision correction surgery! We’ve seen a huge increase in LASIK patients who are tired of the foggy glasses. Most have tried other temporary solutions but are ready for a permanent solution. More than 25 million people worldwide have chosen to correct their vision with laser vision correction. With satisfaction rates over 97%, it’s easy to see why the procedure has been so popular. Studies have shown that LASIK is safer than contact lenses and saves money. No more worrying about the foggy glasses.

LASIK is Affordable

When it comes to LASIK affordability, it’s best to undergo the procedure now rather than wait. Not only will you be able to eliminate the cost of contacts and glasses from your budget sooner, but you’ll also be able to make LASIK more affordable.

If you have an FSA or an HSA, you’ll be able to use those funds to help pay for your LASIK procedure. Money contributed to an FSA will typically be available in January. HSA funds are available as soon as contributions are deducted from your paychecks and will carry over year to year.

You can also use your tax returns to make LASIK more affordable. Many people get their refunds during this time of year. If you already received yours, consider using it towards your surgery for added savings.

LASIK Technologies are More Advanced

Technologies can influence how LASIK is performed as well as the results patients experience. Today, LASIK technologies are more advanced than ever, making the surgery faster, safer, and more precise. They have also made it easier for patients to get the specific treatments they need to enhance their vision.

The most cutting-edge industry tools of today are iDesign and Wavefront Technology. Scanning each eye for three seconds, the system creates a detailed map showing imperfections and how your eyes process light. Using the information gathered from the scans, the surgeon creates a treatment plan that caters to your unique eyes.

From there, your personalized treatment is administered through an ultra-precise, cool-beam laser. The information from your Wavefront scan will guide the laser as it reshapes your cornea to the appropriate curvature, permanently correcting your vision.

Thanks to all the technologies used, LASIK only takes around ten minutes to complete for each eye and results in years of outstanding eyesight.

Find Out if You’re A Candidate

If you’re ready to see the world clearly without contact lenses and glasses, now is the best time to look into LASIK. Learn more about this effective solution and schedule your free virtual or in-person consult today:

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